Of Fear & Suspense



 Eric heard the office door open as the two men walked in. Before he even looked up, he could smell who they were. The office reeked of their tasteless cologne. Only a subspecies in this city woudl wear that cheap stuff with such swagger.

The older one, Paul Frank aka The Bulldog was in his mid thirties. He was a giant specimen of a man, standing six foot five with a massive girth. But underneath all that fat was pure muscle. He had a massive shaved head with a weary no-nonsense sort of expression. Clearly, he was not a man you want to mess with.

The second man, is someone new to Eric. He was younger, clean-shaven with perfectly styled hair. But it was his eyes that told Eric that he was the real danger man here. Sharp and observant, he scanned the office first, taking in every detail first before walking another step.

A lawyer. Definitely a lawyer.

Eric knew men like him his whole life. Young, rich, confident with a personal bodyguard to boot. But as different as these men may seem, Eric knew that they were cut from the same cloth. They were Macmahon’s men.

Dressed in black suits, the two men paced through the empty office, walking down the narrow pathway between the cubicles straight towards him. Impossible, how could they even know!

Eric kept his head down, trying to stay hidden behind the paperwork piled high on his desk. But the footsteps were coming closer, as he felt the drops of perspiration trickling down his neck.

He looked around the office, trying to find an escape route.  But the only exit was that door at the end of the path. There would be no way out.

Opening his drawer, he pulled out his handgun, the same Glock model 23 that he had used last night. Keeping the gun hidden between his legs, Eric disengaged the safety and cocked the gun. No way he was going down without a fight.

“Hey, you with the glasses!”

He looked up as two shadows fell across his desk.

“You alone in here?”

This is it, my final stand. Eric pushed back his seat as he prepared to shoot.

“We’re looking for Tony.” The younger man said, looking him right in the eye. “Package delivery. You know where his office is?”

Eric blinked. Clenching the gun tightly behind his thighs, he gestured to the door at the back before turning back to his work.

“Thanks!” the younger man said, clapping Eric firmly on his shoulder as the two men walked past.

With a loud thud, the gun fell to the floor.


Eric looked up, stifling a yelp. But the men were already gone.

Thank God! Eric thought as he sat back on his chair with a sigh of relief. He chuckled at just how pathetic a man he truly was, when he noticed the dark stain spreading on the crotch of his pants.


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