Story Discussion On Quora

Wonderful thread on Quora

If you had to drop everything right now and write a novel, what would it be about?

If you don’t know what Quora is. It’s like a Q&A forum. But instead of an infested bulletin board occupied by spam, kids and trolls, it’s filled with brilliant minds who enthusiastically share their experiences and just about anything else under then sun. It is my personal go-to site whenever I need something answered, when I am in the mood to learn something new, or just looking for some inspiration. The quality of the answers there are absolutely amazing!

In this topic alone, I could pick out 3-4 “why didn’t I think of that!” story lines that I would be excited to write about. I’ve added my own answer on a “Animal Farm – Part 2” sort of deal. Someone needs to get to work on that to reflect the state of the political circus now. Check it out!


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