Zooby Zooby Zoo

Still one of the most sensual and mesmerising scenes I have ever seen on television. Jessica Paré is amazingly hot when she performs like this. Unfortunately, the producers did not use her more this way, focusing instead on her day to day life with Don Draper i.e.the sad, depressed, angry housewife and wannabe-actress.

Would be nice to have a few more of such highlights to open or close each episode. Pretty certain this song exploded after it appeared in Mad Men.

As for the series, I’m of the opinion that the storyline kind of meandered along for a while, starting with a few average episodes until the Lucky Strike saga and Jaguar came along. Let’s wait and see what the last season brings!

And yes, I prefer Zooby Zooby Zoo to Zou Bisou Bisou. Bite me.


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