Prompt: The Lady Butterfly

Vovage De La Vie

Voyage de la Vie is the story of a young man on a magical journey through a fantasy world to find his true destiny. This exciting theatrical spectacular at the Festive Grand Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa is Singapore’s longest running show and Time Out Singapore’s Best Theatre Production of 2011.

Source: Sentosa Attractions

This is a photo that I took sometime back. This beautiful creature was out and about, posing for photos with the thousands of tourists that throng the attraction everyday. I was mesmerised by her costume and took a picture as she walked pass. Unfortunately, she never once looked at me. That same day, I had the opportunity to watch the show that she was promoting, Voyage de la Vie. And lo and behold, apparently she was no longer part of the show. Me and my friends were quite miffed about that, and that experience stayed on in my head.

So I decided to write a story about it.

The Lady Butterfly

It had been eight years since I took this photo. Eight years since the day I saw her wings, blooming like a rose with that dazzling smile. And for the last eight years, I have been searching, looking for the butterfly who stole my heart.

I remembered it was hot that day, the kind of sticky humid hot that makes you want to stay in the shade. But the circus had come, and the sign had said, “For one night only, why not come and have some fun.” I was reluctant to go, but they made me anyway, the friends who worried for me and told me to have some fun. I was glad they did, because that night, I finally forgot about Judy.

That afternoon, we walked towards the circus tent, squeezing through a crowd hellbent on having their photo taken with every clown and bearded lady along the way. They were all happy, smiling away as the cameras went snap snap snap. And that made me sick and want to go away.

Then I spotted her, the beautiful creature coming from beyond the curtained gate. “Look! It’s the star of Voyage De La Vie!” a mother whispered, as the children looked on in awe at the butterfly dancing pass. With rose-petalled wings, she flitted through the crowd, sprinkling stardust and glitter, spreading circus magic through the air.

Hands reached out to grab wing and flesh, but her dance was just too quick. On her dandy legs, she always seemed just out of reach. She teased and she laughed, and she sang and she dance, and I just stood there simply stuck in a trance.

Then she came before me, and I shouted “Can I take a picture please, just you and me.” But she laughed and giggled and never stopped, so I took the picture anyways, before she turned and danced away. She was the star I knew, and I would see her soon. Voyage De La Vie was about to start.

Eagerly I waited. Oh how I waited for my butterfly. She would come I know, flying down from the sky, like a angel in disguise. But act after act, show after show, my butterfly was nowhere to be found.

“Where is she?” I asked. “Where is my butterfly?” But they looked at me funny and carried on watching the show. Tigers, horses, acrobats and clowns, all of them came and went, but still I waited for the butterfly.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the big finale!” There was a thunderous applause. Was this the moment I was waiting for? They shot a man, right out of a cannon that day, and the crowd went wild. But I was still scratching my head wondering simply “what the hell?”

The show was over now, people were leaving. Wait a minute, this isn’t right. You promised me a butterfly! I screamed and I shouted, I went into the ring and I fought with a posse of clowns. But still, my lady butterfly was nowhere to be found.

“There is no butterfly here, you crazy guy! Now beat it, the circus needs to fly!”

The next day, the circus was gone. And I was left crying to myself. How could this be I wondered, why was it not meant to be. But there was nothing left that day, except for me to pray, asking for God to help me find my way.

But there, as I knelt in the sand, I noticed something strange shining on the land. Stardust and glitter, stardust and glitter in my hand.

Author’s notes: This is a weird piece. I just wrote whatever came to mind and I thought it would be fun to try some rhymes. Apologies if you read this and went wtf! But I had a lot of fun writing this piece. No idea why, but it liked it. Should have been just a prompt, but I went a bit crazy on it.


4 thoughts on “Prompt: The Lady Butterfly

  1. Maybe just a prompt but an intriguing one. Could be the start of many things… or just what it is. Love the picture too!

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