Ramblings Of A Noob Blogger

Being the noob bloglet that I am, I have developed a unhealthy obsession with the little ticker on the top of my WordPress page. On one hand, I find it extremely insightful in telling me how people are discovering and using my site, but on the other hand, I find myself irritably worried whenever I see it flatline for a couple of hours.

This is my first blog, so I came in here with no expectations. But slowly, as the views, likes and followers came in, I found myself steering my postings towards what I think gets attention – quirky little quotes and pictures. Then suddenly I stopped. I felt like a cheap little whore posting quotable memes. When I came back, I decided to focus on what I set up the blog for, pimping my own stories.

Then out of nowhere, I start getting significant search engine referrals for a particular post of mine, one of the photo prompts. Heck, someone even shared it somewhere, and I am beginning to see a big distinction between views and likes. That got me thinking, which one should I actually care about?

From what I see, bloggers on WordPress seem to be liking posts for the sake of it, or perhaps it’s a “I see yours, now come see mine” invitation. No offence meant of course, it still does wonders for my e-peen. But my most read posts actually got very little attention in terms of likes.

So, I would like to ask the REAL bloggers out there, not the pro-SEO and meme-me too posters. What should a noob bloglet actually care about when posting.


  • Length of an article? I think I need to cut back.
  • Are pictures necessary? We know most are screen grabs from Google.
  • Is it fair practice to take content from other sites and post it? (Even though you credit them)
  • Is it obnoxious to post content that you know no one wants to read?
  • Should I fish for likes and followers using non-original content?

I could probably google it and read some semi-pro site for this information, but I would like to seek a few alternative views first. Thanks in advance for any opinions you have to share.

P.S: I think this would constitute as a fishing post right?

EDIT: Just did quite a fair bit of research on spam-liking and spam-following. Ah well, guess the only true measure of readers is the number of comments / actual views you get then.


4 thoughts on “Ramblings Of A Noob Blogger

  1. I’ve only been doing this myself for a little under a month, but I can at least tell you what I tend to click on or not (since you asked). If it’s got more than 700 words, unless it starts off very interesting I skip it, as I do with most quotes and re-blogs. I want to read something original and I rarely have time for anything too long. I haven’t posted a single picture myself *ahem* other than my two re-blogs – but they were both pieces of art which were drawn for me (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it haha). I haven’t yet ‘liked’ anything I haven’t read, but I do believe there are less like me and more like the ones who are fishing for ‘likes’. Wow, that’s a lot of likes.
    And if this was a fishing post, it was clever. Keep up the great work on your blog! I enjoy it very much.

    • Thanks! I posted this because I’ve noticed like 4-5 people who liked every single one of my posts but then I wasn’t getting any views/clicks. I’ve since unfollowed and ignored them.

      Base on the stats I’ve read, less than 20% of your followers will actually be real (for small-timers like us). And honestly, it sure feels like it.

      Thanks again for commenting!

  2. I feel that length is a big determinant of whether people will read your work. With attention spans on the wane, you’d want to write for readers who skip read.

    Also, better chunking of ideas in shorter paragraphs is something you can do.

    As for content, I think there’s nothing like original, straight from the heart content.

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