Ramblings Of A Noob Blogger Part Deux

Here’s a few things I have learnt since my last noobish ramblings last week.

WordPress Posting Skills 

  • You can resize and realign photos by clicking on the photo after inserting it into the post. I just realigned most of my earlier posts with those gigantic portrait photos.
  • Quote boxes are great when used wrongly. Quote pictures with blocks of text to align them side by side, or use quotes to create artificial breaks in your post to make it more readable.
  • You can schedule posts for posting anytime, including sending it back to the past and make your first posts super awesome. Neat trick to stay regular instead of binge posting.
  • Viewing on your iPad and iPhone actually bump up your view count a lot. Apparently even when logged in, they are counted as new views.

Rethinking The Internet

  • Google is seriously an awesome site. Referrals from search make up my main views now, and WordPress stats tells me everybody uses Google. They usually end up in my photo prompts since the themes and shots I use are quite popular.
  • I post too much crap and have realigned my content for more original posts or posts with some commentary, except for writing guides, which would be too much crap if I tried to add anything to them.
  • I actually enjoy raving once I get into a mood on a particular topic. I’m posting more for me now instead of a pretend audience, and it seems to be working. More natural flow to the posts as well.
  • If I included a photo in a post and call it something like Justin Bieber Topless, my views will skyrocket. Such is the world we live in. In fact, just post any topic with one of the google top search results as your title or file name, put a few pictures and links inside with the same naming convention, and you are golden.

Isn’t life great. I wonder what amazing trick WordPress has in store for me tomorrow. Screw SEO, Justin Bieber Pics FTW.


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