After The Accident: Part 2

After The Accident: Part 2

Elly Pearson was wide awake when she heard the shrill of sirens approaching in the distance. Lying on her bed, surrounded by the drone of medical machines, she raised her head as the piercing wail came ever closer. Looking out her third storey window on Mission Hospital, she caught a glimpse of the blinking lights as they flashed by, casting an ominous red glow through her darkened room.

Pushing herself up from the crumpled sheets, she gingerly shuffled her fragile frame until she stood in front of the window. There, in her shapeless hospital gown, she looked on in fascination as two ambulances turned into the hospital, accelerating past the bend in the road before disappearing under the sheltered driveway below.

Out of view, she could hear the ambulances screeching to a halt. A rush of footsteps followed as she imagined the emergency staff scrambling through the doors to assist the exhausted medics. The backs of the ambulances were flung open as stretchers were guided off their supports. Their wheels clattered against the pavement before they were pushed into the bright lights of the emergency room.

All the while, there was a chaotic gaggle of voices directing the action below.

“Car accident, I need some help here!”

“Doctor she’s still bleeding!”

“Get her into the operating room now, stat!”

“How’s the other guy?”

“He’s fine, still awake. Mild concussion, bruising…hey!”

“Sir! Please you need to lie down!”

“Let go of me! I want to see my wife, Kyla… KYLA!”

Listening intently through the downpour, a chill went down Elly’s spine when the man cried out the victim’s name. She could hear him, screaming and fighting against the hospital staff trying to calm him down. His voice was hoarse, injured and exhausted. Soon, they will overwhelm him and strap him down on the stretcher. If he tried to fight anymore, they would tranquilize him. He would drift into a restless sleep, while his wife would die in the room beside him. It was a tragedy in the making.

Elly smiled.  It was a twisted smile, one borne from the perverse satisfaction of knowing that she will not be the only one suffering tonight. The knowledge that there was still some justice in this world left her with a sense of elation. These people were here because of their own stupidity. They messed up and now must pay the price. Looking skywards with unblinking eyes, Elly wondered why she was never given such a choice.

— End Of Part Two–

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Writers Notes 

1. Same objectives as part one. I couldn’t find an alternative to describe carefully/gingerly though, or listening carefully/intently.

2. This section was originally about 600 word longs. Lots of descriptive looking at the rain, describing the rain stuff. I cut it all out as per the general call for more concise writing.

3. In the first part, I used a lot of touching to replace the sense of sight. Here, I thought to describe scenes using audio cues instead of sight. The whole point is to make it slightly more intimate since I’m already telling this story from a third person point-of-view instead of first.

4. I have quite a few ideas where to bring this story. Let’s see where my mood and imagination brings me.


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