Midweek Ravings: Happy One Month Old Blog!

Fact or Fiction: The more you blog, the MORE you want to blog


When I started blogging just a month back, the first thought that appeared in my head was whether I had enough content or writing in me to sustain posting in the long run. Back then, all I wanted was a personal journal that would allow me to express thoughts, opinions and the lessons I have learnt in a conducive setting. Blogging seemed like the most obvious choice since I wanted to post more than just words or daily entries. I wanted to play with whatever medium I wanted, and I wanted to write more than just my day to day life.

Unfortunately, the moment I clicked the “create blog” button, I panicked. Holy crap! What should my first post be! Taking a cue from a quick look around the web, the first post seemed to be usually an introductory post, so I created the About Me page. Then came the dreaded second post i.e. The post that is actually supposed to be content. I wanted this to be a writing/reading site, so I scoured my favorites and bookmarks for old reads that I have found on the web. This went well for a while, I made a few posts in my first two days… and then I ran out of things to say.

Staring at my infant blog, I felt lost. I knew I wanted to post stories I’ve written, but there’s only so much I could write I thought. I was desperate enough to purposely look for content on the web, just so I could have something to put in my blog. So I did what sites like 9gag and Facebook taught me, nobody can say no to picture memes. I found a bunch of quotes of the Internet and started running with them. It was quick, easy but also made me feel kinda dirty, especially my ‘most-liked’ post to date. One week later, I stopped blogging. I did not enjoy hunting for content to feed my blog’s appetite, and neither did I like what I was feeding it. It was just not what I wanted to do, so I just stopped. I was bored, had nothing original to say, so why bother?

Then this post came along. It happened quite suddenly actually. It wasn’t a repost of a meme, and it wasn’t one of my stories (I was writing very slowly back then). It was a rant. A rant about a book I’ve just read and have a very strong opinion towards. I wanted to say something about it, but I can’t (I’ve stopped blogging remember). Facebook and Twitter didn’t seem like the right medium for a longish rant, so my itchy fingers logged back into WordPress and I just started writing. I wrote and I wrote, just saying whatever comes to mind. And soon, I have a decent length post that was original, had some point to it, and most importantly, it was me. All me. It’s not a great discussion or anything, but it was a post, my first original blog post (aside from my stories).

Fast forward one month till today, and how things have changed. It’s as if blogging have unleashed the opinionated monster in me. I see something, and I start developinga story around it. Be it a rant, commentary, review or a thought, I had something to write. And it was FUN! Thoughts flow, opinions develop and the words come naturally. Suddenly it felt as if the world is a clearer place, literally. I went back to delete away a whole chunk of posts that I did not like (about ten of them) and restarted basically from scratch. I knew I had the words in me to build a blog that I would be proud of.

Once I was able to unshackle my mind and just go with the flow of self-expression, the world became my oyster. Instead of thinking of what I wanted to write next, I found that I had TOO much that I wanted to say. So much that I actively tried to control the number of post I make. In fact, this would break my own rules since it’s my third post for the day, and I try to limit myself to two.

This post could go on and on about what I have learnt from blogging so far, but that would be a story for another day. For now, I’m quite happy with what I’m creating and am quite zealously pushing forth. I’m not doing it for views, likes, comments or anything. I’m doing it for myself. Much like what this video is talking about (see, I am learning from what I am posting), Blogging has allowed me to express myself more, better and more courageously than ever before. I write what I want to write, when I want to write. It’s that simple. Oh and I’m pretty certain my writing has improved with the writing guides I’ve been posting.

If there’s one of them darn memes that could express what I feel about blogging now, it would be this. A quote that spans a thousand words.


P.S: Excuse all the linkages, but all the links there was supposed to reference my thought process as I re-read my own blog when I wrote this post. It’s simply a way for me to pull the first month of my blog together into one post for my own review purposes.

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2 thoughts on “Midweek Ravings: Happy One Month Old Blog!

  1. Commenting on the title, I’ve got to say Fact. I go through these waves and spurts of activity, followed by some burnout, but it always comes back. So tide-like. Tidy.

    My problem is that I vacillate on how diverse my topics should be. I’m into hockey, marathon running, painting, food, and watching as many movies as possible. All of these could be specific blogs, or I guess they could compose a really disjointed, singlular blog. I’m wishy-washy on how to go about it sometimes, and now I’ve got 3 separate blogs to add content too. I’m kinda an idiot.

    • Wow, that is a lot of topics. I like your painting stuff, and since you seem to be selling some of your artwork on your blog, I think you should keep it separate.

      Maybe a professional blog and a “Me” blog? The “Me” blog can have everything including what you post in the pro blog. Just my thoughts, keep up the excellent paintings! Just saw the Macho Man one a while back , I love it!

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