Infograph: How To Stay Creative

Was feeling kind of out of sorts yesterday, drained and tired from the usual work, and I realised that my mind refused to budge. Thinking became a chore and I chose to spend the day just watching TV and Youtube while doing minimal work. Lazy? Or is there something deeper here that needs to be addressed. I don’t see the point of forcing myself to write, when clearly the writer in me is on strike.

That got me thinking, if I should separate the creative and task-work of what I’m doing and letting my mood decide which to pursue. Would it be more efficient this way? Or would be better just to bang away at the keyboard everyday regardless of thought / emotion / hormones? For now, I’m sticking to the game plan until I actually get something done before I mess with my workflow. Here’s a cheesy infograph that might help you stay creative today, I’m off to do more rewriting to complete item 29.


If you need more inspiration, check out this article here as well –


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