The Experiment

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Just trying my hand at different styles. First person, present tense, less droning, more beating. 

Someone is pounding incessantly at the door.

Rising from my slumber, I grope blindly for my glasses on the dresser.

“What time is it honey?” came the sleepy voice of the redhead beside me, tucked snugly under the sheets.

“Too damn early.” I grumble, feeling the chill of the night air as I crawl out from the bed. “ Go back to sleep, I’ll go see who’s making that racket.” I say, grabbing my bathrobe and wrapping it around myself.

Putting on my glasses, I shuffle down the stairs and to the door, too sleepy to think. Whoever it is better have a good excuse for making this ruckus in the middle of the night.

More pounding.

“Enough already, I’m coming!” I shout, hearing my own groggy voice. Cursing loudly, I make no attempt to veil my irritation.

“Police! Open up!”

That got my attention. Looking through the peephole, I see three officers standing outside on my dimly-lit porch. Puzzled, I’m about to unlock the door when something hard presses against my back. I freeze in mid-motion.

“Make a sound and you’re dead,” a muffled whisper behind me says.

I nod my head vigorously.

“Good, you’re going to answer the door and tell the men outside to leave. Understand?”

I nod again, as my knees start to tremble uncontrollably.

“Open it nice and slow, just show your face.”

I comply, turning the lock and reaching for the knob.

“Slowly!” the voice behind hisses, digging the weapon deeper to make his point.

I swallow hard, all thoughts of sleep forgotten now. Opening the door just wide enough, I stick my head out. “Evening gentlemen, anything I can help you with?”

“Sorry to bother you sir, but we’re looking for a man about his tall,” one of the officers say, hovering his right palm just below his chest. “Someone saw him running up this street.”

“Haven’t seen him,” I shrug, trying to keep a straight face as the intruder twists his weapon into my flesh. I smile grimly.

The officers turn and look at one another, before one of them steps forward, reaching for the gun on his belt.

“Please boys, don’t do this.” I whisper, shaking my head.

He cocks his gun and signals to the rest. Squaring his shoulders, he charges against the door, sending it flying open with a loud crash.

“He’s got a weapon!” I scream, before the intruder kicks me viciously and sends me flying into the officers standing outside, knocking the two of them to the ground.

The first officer screams. I turn my head just in time to see a shadowy figure take the gun from his gun and whipping it hard across his face The officer collapses with a sickening crunch.

“Christ!” I exclaim, trying to crawl away from the violent scene as blood and brain matter splatters onto me.

In an instant, he’s on the second officer, pummeling the prone figure with his makeshift club. The officer lashes out with his boot, catching his attacker squarely in the jaw. He barely flinches, and returns the favor with a swift kick to the ribs, before sending him sprawling with a devastating blow to the head.

More blood. I scream and start to run.

The last officer is on his feet now, his gun in his hand. He fires, the shot ringing out in the still of the neighborhood.

When I look back, the third officer is down on the floor. Somehow he missed, or maybe he hit. I don’t know. The intruder is after me now. Next thing I know, I’m on the floor, my head hitting the pavement hard. Everything becomes a blur.

“Please don’t kill me,” I whimper, my face stained with tears as I roll around and raise my hands against my assailant.

He doesn’t say anything. Bloodshot eyes peek out from behind a mask, studying my face.

“Honey, what’s going on… Oh my lord!”

I look up and see Martha standing at the door.

The man points the gun at my head and wags a finger at Martha, making his threat clear. He signals for my wife to come over and for me to get up.

“Clear the yard,” he orders, changing his target to my wife.

“Ok, ok, just don’t hurt us!” I squeal.

“Doctor Anders?” the man turns to my wife and asks.

My wife blinks and answers.

“What’s all this about?” I ask, afraid he might do something to my wife.

“Shut up and move the damn bodies first.” the man snarls, moving beside my wife and jabbing the gun to her head.

Walking up to the one nearest to me, I see his head had been shot partially off. His eyes still wide and staring at the sky.

“The bushes,” the man instructs, picking up a second gun from the ground.

Me and Martha comply, each holding one leg, grunting as we inch our way over to the side of the yard.

Any minute now, help would arrive, I thought to myself. Someone must have heard the gunshot.

A few minutes later, all three bodies lie hidden in the bush. I look around, my heart sinks. All the houses are still dark.

“Inside,” the man orders as me and Martha trudge back up the steps.

We enter the darken house and move to the living room. He waves at us to sit as he turns on the light.

“Remember me, Doctor Anders?” he says, removing his mask.

I fall back in shock at the creature looking back at us.

There is nothing human underneath the mask. Aside from eyes, everything else is missing. Two holes exist where the nose should and the mouth has been sewn together by rough strings. But most importantly, the skin on his head had been removed, and the sensitive inner membrane is covered with blisters and sores.

“Oh my…” Martha exclaims, “Wiley?”

I turn to my wife and stare at her smiling face, surprise that she knows this thing.

The sides of the creature’s face twitch, forming a morbid smile with the stitches on his face. Through the threads, I can a featureless mouth moving. “Glad you remember doctor.”

I look at my wife and glance at the creature, watching them communicate with their eyes. I feel sick in my stomach knowing that this murderer is actually acquainted with her.

“Someone please tell me what’s going on.”

The creature named Wiley turns and looks at me, while Martha reaches out for me reassuringly and holds my hands. She smiles grimly. “Remember when I told you I was doing some research for the government?”

I nod, not liking this one bit.

“Well, meet my baby,” she smiles.


One thought on “The Experiment

  1. Interesting premise for a story 🙂

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