Flesh Eaters: Part 1

Flesh Eaters: Part 1

Joan Eckart is late.

Sitting on the bathroom floor waiting for the test strip to pronounce her sentence, she wonders who it was that got her into this mess. The boys in her life have been a blur lately, moving on faster than she can change her Facebook status. .

“Joan, are you ok in there?”

“Just a sec,” Joan looks closely at the test strip and shakes it vigorously, “Come on, minus baby, minus!”

“We’re going to be late, the show starts in ten.”

Joan did not feel like going to the show anymore. She just wants to sit here and cry as the faint symbol of the plus lights up. Why me damn it! I use protection!

In need of a second opinion, she pulls another box out from under the sink and pees on it again.


“I’m coming!” she slips the urine-stained stick between a mass of tissues and stuffs it into her pocket.

Opening the door, she sees a concerned Penny looking at her with stern eyes with folded arms.

“Spill it, what you doing inside, drugs?”

“Leave it Penny,” Joan sighs as she brushes past her step-sister.

Penny grabs her by the hand, “Hey! We’re all worried about you.”

“Yea whatever,” Joan replies, storming back into her room and crashing on her bed. Right now, all she wants is be left alone with her thoughts.

Penny comes in after her, “Are you coming or what?”

“No, I’ve got a headache, leave me alone,” Joan says, burying her face into the sheets, feeling a sudden cramp in her stomach.

“Suit yourself, want me to get you dinner?”

Joan shakes her head again, lying there silently as Penny walks out of the house.

When she was gone, Joan took to her computer immediately and began searching for homemade recipes for abortion. She clicks on the very first result which promises to teach her a safe and herbal method. In her mind, she thought of Patricia in her school. She’s done it before, maybe she should ask her.

She puts a hand on her belly and imagines the life growing inside, contemplating her life  between being a murderer and a single mother. Father will kill her if he finds out about. No, I must end it now. 

No sooner had she ended that thought, she feels a kick in her belly. So soon? Lifting up her blouse-top, she stares at her smooth white skin, and the tiny lump thumping vigorously against her from the inside.

Shit! She runs to her window. Outside, she can still see her sister’s car reversing out of the driveway. “Penny!” she screams, but her sister doesn’t answer.

Part 2 Here


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  1. Do you follow Kristen Lamb’s blog? If not you should check it out. Tonnes of great advice there. 🙂 I re-blogged one of her posts last week if so if you need an easy way to find her just look back on my previous posts.

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