Flesh Eaters: Part 2

Alien Bursting

Flesh Eaters: Part 2

Keeping a hand pressed against the beast in her belly,  she makes a mad dash down the stairs, screaming all the way. The lump in her hand seems to be growing bigger, squirming and sliding around in her gut, ripping through organs and flesh.

The pain is terrible, Joan cringes and tumbles. She can feel it now, the thing inside her, biting and gnawing at her. She cries out in pain, rolling on the floor, clubbing at the thing eating her from the inside. It keeps growing, gorging itself on living meat as Joan feels sharp teeth pulling at her innards.

“Penny!” In a last desperate attempt, she grabs at the grotesque lump extending out of her belly and squeezes it between her palms, attempting to crush it to death.

A jingle of keys and the door opens, “What the hell Joan… What’s going on!”

“Help me!”

Penny panics as she bends overs and tries to hold the thing in Joan’s belly still. “Oh my god, what do you want me to do!”

“Take it out, take it out!” Joan whimpers in between sobs, sweat pouring down her face.

Running into the kitchen, Penny grabs the a steak knife from the drawer and returns to her suffering sister. Clenching the blade between two hands, she holds the tip of the knife to Joan’s belly, trembling as she looks into the eyes of her sister’s ashen face.

“Do it!” Joan wheezes, barely able to raise her voice beyond a whisper now as she starts to fade out of consciousness.

Screwing her eyes shut, Penny looks away and plunges the knife into the grotesque lump, skewering both human and thing with the blade. Joan screams and convulses, still holding on to the lump trashing violently in her hand.

“Joan, hang on!” Penny shouts, staring at the blood and matter gushing from the mess of flesh in front of her. She can see the creature now, alive and still squealing inside the cavity of of sister’s belly. It’s worm-like head rises from the open wound, and bites down on her hand, tearing at her flesh.

Penny screams, stabbing down with her knife again and again, chopping through the monster. Blood splatters everywhere, on her face, in her hair, in between her fingers, but she does not stop. With a sawing motion, she cuts a gory path through flesh and entrails, until the creature squeals its last and finally lies limp.

Penny stops. She throws the knife and rushes beside Joan’s head, trying to shake her sister awake. But Joan lies motionless, with her extended belly has been sliced open. Inside her belly, the beast lies dead.

“Joan, I’m so sorry, wake up… Please wake up,” Penny sob, moving beside her sister to cradle her head.


End Part 2

Part 1 here, will upload Part 3 tomorrow. 


2 thoughts on “Flesh Eaters: Part 2

  1. You really like your gore, eh? 🙂 Nicely written

  2. Yea, but I’m not continuing with this anymore. Going in a slightly different direction with the story after this, but the theme should be the same eventually. You’re right in saying that I need a proper build up in the post above this.

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