Quasi-Writer’s Block?

What exactly do you call a condition where you have some idea where you want the story to go, but just can’t get it to sound right? I’ve been banging my head against the computer for the past two hours and barely wrote two paragraphs… should I just skip the section and come back later or should I ensure the flow by keeping at it until I’m done.

Back to more head-banging.


10 thoughts on “Quasi-Writer’s Block?

  1. I call it frustrating!!!!
    What I do when that happens is either just walk away and let the entire story sit, or THAT’s when I do something else, like develop my characters. I tell a story to myself in a separate document about what circumstances in the character’s life that might have brought him to the moment I can’t get past.
    If it’s a matter of just not being able to express what you’re thinking, try either opening a thesaurus to find similar words to that you want to express or try moving your sentences around (in a separate doc so you still have your original). Sometimes this will give you a different way of explaining it.
    Just a few suggestions. They may work for you, they may not. More than likely you’ll come up with your own solution – as you know, process is very personal.
    Good luck!

  2. Ack, that’s the worst. I tend to just keep writing, and then deal with it a few weeks later once I’ve figured out what I actually want to do with that scene. Then again, I’m an A+ procrastinator, so my solution may not be for everyone πŸ˜€

  3. Wow, two heavyweight replies. Thanks for the advice ladies. I’ve written only 500 words so far today, and went back to do some major editing of plot loopholes, which should bring me up to a minimum of 1500 word quota.

    Might be a case of me being not sure of what I want to accomplish with the scene, but I’ll let it stew for a while.

    Will try to learn from the best!

  4. Personally, I walk away and think about the desired result, write that, and then go backward into how it happens.
    I do this often. I like how in fiction, we can cheat time, and get the outcome before the crisis.

    • Don’t you find it difficult to come back later? I mean I’ll rather write something I like, just to keep the flow going, then maybe rewrite it later, like I did for my entire intro (first 1500 words) earlier today.

  5. I tend to try to get something down so at least it isn’t still bugging me and then you can come back to it later and change it if you need to.

  6. Yay, the 10,000 word mark has fallen. I took a break off yesterday from the writing (well, not by choice, i was out the whole day), it did me pretty good. Just letting things progress organically for now. So for in 5.5 days, I’ve written 11000 words, thats 2,000 a day, but basically at the expense of my blog (I think I only made 2 big posts this week). We’ll see how things go.

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