Well that just happened. I went off track with my story on the last 5000 words and it reads more like a fantasy / sci-fi novel with a horror theme than a horror story. Backtracking a little to see what I can salvage, but it’s a big slap in the face for me. Spent the whole of today creating Story / Character / Idea chit sheets with a whole bunch of checklists this time to make sure it won’t happen again.

Feeling the burn. Fortunately most of the parts can be dissected and reused… oh well. Started another story as well, will upload it tomorrow. Next time, I’ll write off the seat of my pants only for the first 10K words before I sit down and plan things out… or you know, just plan things out from the start.

P.S: Apparently Big Bang Theory just used the immortal Jellyfish as a conversation opener for their last episode, so I just received quite a bump on my Immortal Jellyfish post. The power of the media. This post and another Ang Lee one I wrote are my most popular posts right now. Kinda sad about it, but oh well, a view’s a view.


11 thoughts on “Backtracking

  1. This actually happened to me with my epic. The more the story progressed naturally the less the beginning made sense. But the progression was SO natural that instead of trying to change the end I went back and edited the beginning.

    After all this I received some advice from someone who didn’t know what I’d gone through but who had obviously gone through the same thing herself. The advice was: sketch the beginning of your story and write the middle and the end – that way you won’t have to do as much editing down the line. Ugh. If only I’d known that before!

    On a side note, you’re not showing up in my reader as a one of the blogs I follow and yet I am following you. So if I don’t respond to one of your posts it’s probably because I didn’t know about it. I might suggest the widget that lets people follow you by email. If it was there I’d subscribe. 🙂


  2. Oh, wait. I subscribed by email (5 minutes ago) and didn’t realize it had worked. Nevermind 🙂

  3. Wilson,

    I have stayed off the path quite often in my work. Even though I had a pretty good plan, things still went off course. I am reminded of the flight of Apollo 13, when the guidance system was shut down to save electrical power. They had to do a power burn to find the correct trajectory to re-enter the atmosphere. Without an autopilot, they had to hand fly the spacecraft and their aiming device was keeping Earth in a window. The movie does a good job of describing the event, but in real life it was a very dangerous and it at the end of the ten second burn, they were not heading at Earth they would be lost in space forever.

    If you are not familiar with the story, they were out of control at times but ended up in the right position. That is how I view my re-writes. Many times I am out of control, but I always end up in the right place. And the added benefit is that even if I get lost in space, I am still on Earth and life is good. Hope that helps, Keep Smiling!

    • Haha, I’m working on it! Thanks! But just trying to point out a mistake so yea, I don’t make the dumb move twice. 5000 words for me is like 3 days of my life, plus the headache of just trying to fit everything in after.

      Thanks for the perspective.

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