Jon Crawler: Part 1

Jon Crawler is on the floor, pretending to be dead.

With a half-opened eye beneath cracked mining goggles, he watches on haplessly as the Captain pummels yet another one of his associates into oblivion. What remains of the Grey Mantis now lies within a crater, his feeler-like hands quavering in the air.  The Captain smashes down again. Four down, three to go.

Across the street, a huge crowd has gathered around the destroyed lab to cheer on the epicly one-sided battle between the Super League representative and the mutant misfits. Phones and cameras jostle for position, trying to capture the action. A hero in spangly blue tights and a red cape beating the crap out of seven would-be criminals in public is primetime fodder. Jon can only imagine the number of hits this will get on Youtube.

A high-pitched scream goes out, and Jon cringes. Lady Siren is laying it on the Captain now with her supersonic vocals. Jon burrows his head deeper into the rubble at the unbearable squawk. Everyone else, villains left standing included, moves their hands to their ears to try and shut her off, as a chorus of boos goes out in the audience.

The Captain seems only vaguely annoyed by the screeching. Always a people person, he obliges the voracious crowd by picking up a brick and hurling it straight at Siren. He takes her head clean off in a single throw, drawing wild applause and howls of delight. Playing to crowd once more, he pulls the classic Bruce Lee taunt, swiping his nose with his thumb and flicking his fingers at the remaining villains, goading them to attack him together.

ChronoBlonde and El Diablo hesitate as they watch their comrades fall in battle one by one. Fight or run, they know the Captain will bring them down. Their eyes communicate briefly. With a nod, they leap in to attack. Polite applause breaks out as some in the crowd show their appreciation. At least they are making the effort.

Chrono, with a quick burst of speed, goes in with a lightning quick punch that even the man himself fails to check. The only outcome of that exchange however, is Chrono shattering every bone in her hand as her fist comes up against the Captain’s force field. She lets out a whimpering cry before falling to ground, holding on to her broken arm.

El Diablo follows up quickly as the force field around the man flickers. With a mighty roar, he conjures a fiery blast straight out of the depths of hell and hurls it towards the Captain. A collective gasp goes out in the crowd when they feel the wave of heat. The Captain merely grins. With a gentle pursing of his lips, he produces a gale strong enough to send the wall of fire back against El Diablo, turning him instantly into a pile of steaming ash.

The crowd, silent for a moment, suddenly goes wild. The Captain has executed the double takedown without moving a muscle. They chant his name as the hero busks in the attention, waving appreciatively to the adoring public. News crews already on site start rushing forward to get the first exclusive with the Captain as he circles the makeshift arena of the destroyed building. Still waving to the crowd, he comes right next to Jon, who tries his best to hold still.

“Captain, Lynna Banks from the Evening News!”

Jon peeks out. A female reporter he recognizes from the nightly news is running towards them. The Captain turns his head and smiles.

“Roll the camera! This is Lynna Banks, standing in the aftermath of the latest battle between Remly Manson, better known as the Captain, and a group of mutant terrorists. Once again, single-handedly, the Captain has saved our fair city from imminent threat!”

End Part One

Author’s Notes (Probably more interesting than the story):

– On a public computer, unable to insert images sadly. Will try to do it via my iPad later. Some Indian old geezer is surfing porn on Tumblr beside me. I keep giving him a knowing look and he keeps ignoring me.

– Essentially same structure as my previous stories, trying to make it move faster though, to recreate a sort of comic-like vibe. I strongly believe in the open with a action scene if your story allows crowd.

– Would it matter if I used a name for a hero for a VERY small part? i.e. El Diablo. That’s a throwback to one of my favorite PC games of all time, Freedom Force, and not the DC comic.

– I’m getting a lot of views from my home country Singapore lately. Like more than the views from USA. Kindly identify yourselves, thanks! i.e. Diana

– West coasts burgers suck. In-and-out is the most overrated burger ever. I miss Pawley’s back in Columbia, South Carolina.

– Go Golden State Warriors!


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