Jon Crawler: Part 2

 “Just doing my job Lynna,” The Captain beams, posing for the cameras and running a hand through his jet black hair. Below him, Jon squirms a little, trying to bury himself deeper in the rubble.

“Captain…” Lynna moves the microphone closer to his face. Thud! It strikes against his force field, causing it to flicker. “Sorry, do you mind lowering that for a moment?”

“Certainly,” The captain says, allowing the blue field to fade away.

“Tell us Captain. Who are these villains, and why did they try to attack this military facility?”

The captain laughs.

“A criminal mind never needs a reason Lynna. Sometimes, scums like these just want to watch the world burn. That’s why it’s up to the league members like me to stop them.” He flexes his arm towards the camera for dramatic effect.

Jon breathes in sharply. This buffoon doesn’t even know why we’re here! He grips the vials tightly in his hand.

“Captain, our sources say that the government lab here is working on some sort of serum that could spell an end to mutant powers. Do you have anything to comment on that?”

The Captain flashes a grin. “That’s one for military Lynna, you have to speak to the general about that. Superheroes like me… well, we’re just ordinary citizens trying to make the world a…”

Jon tunes out of the conversation and peeks out from behind his goggles. The scene is flooded with police now, checking through each of his fallen comrades. Of the six, only Chronoblonde is still alive, cradling her limp wrist as she cries out against the rough hands manhandling her.

One of the officers looks over, spying Jon lying behind the Captain. “Hey, the last one’s over there.”

The Captain turns and addresses the man. “Allow me officer,” the dashing hero says, playing for the cameras as he leaps into the air and glides down to stand directly above Jon.

Lying motionless on the floor, Jon screws his eyes shut and tries desperately not to breathe.

The Captain shouts to the crowds, “Who want to see me unmask this nefarious villain who threatens the peace of this city!”

Jon swallows as a thunderous roar of approval rings out across the crowd. It takes all his willpower not to change out into his form and lash out at the Captain.

The Captain smiles and waves, feeding the adoring fans. “Fair warning though, mutants can sometimes be quite monstrous behind their masks.”

Jon quakes in his boots and bunches his hand around the vials, ready to make his last stand.

Stooping down, the Captain claws into Jon’s face, wrapping his fingers around the goggles.

“Captain, can you look up for a moment, for the camera!”


“Lower your shields please, smile!”

Jon opens his eyes and sees the smiling face of the Captain looking away. Without hesitation, he twisted towards him in the rubble and sends his hand with the vials smashing hard against the face of the Captain.

The Captain grunts in agony, as the glass tubes cut into his flesh, allowing the serum to seep into his blood. He swings his arm and sends Jon sailing through the air.

“Ooffpph!’ Jon lands hard, but not before he mutates his arms into his massive claws and curls his head inside. He lets his shoulder take the brunt of the impact as he rolls across the rubble in a ball.

“Seize him!” The officers on the ground made a beeline for Jon as he staggers up. Across the destroyed lab, he can see the Captain writhing away on the floor, in obvious agony. The cameras and reporters remain trained on the fallen hero, as a horrified public watches on in stunned silence.

Jon, battered and bruised, turns his attention to the officers bearing down on him. The one closest to him goes down with a bloody nose as Jon blocks a baton with his claws, returning the favor with a ferocious head butt that left his own head spinning. More men approach, but Jon turns away to claw into the ground, churning a steady stream of rubble that knocks the approaching men senseless.

From a distance, the remaining officers change their tact, hunkering down behind cover to fire their weapons. Jon dives into the hole he has made and tunnels rapidly, digging directly towards them. They fire wildly at his trail, shooting at the moving rubble, but Jon knocks them off their feet and emerges from behind, smashing their faces in with his claws.

Jon looks up. Across the ground, the Captain, with half his face cut and burnt by whatever it was inside those vials, is back on his feet. He gives a mighty roar and charges toward Jon.

Shit! Jon shield himself, expecting to break every bone in his body as the Captain hurtles towards him like a truck.

End Part 2

Authors Notes (Probably more interesting than the story):

– My first time: Shucking Oysters at Tamoles Bays Oyster Company rocks. The fact that they were the biggest and freshest oysters in my life made me a big oyster fan. Strangely, there were more Asians than locals there.

– My first time: Watching mother and father duck lead their gaggle of ducklings to cross the road at the duck crossing is pretty surreal. Note ducklings aren’t yellow, they’re some weird algae color.

– The Korean food in South Bay beats anything you can ever find in Singapore. Galbi Soup, Tofu Soup, BBQ… yummylicous. Makes me notice how poorly I was eating in Singapore.



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