Home… for a while


What it includes
– Ducks pooping in the swimming pool
– Ducks pooping everywhere on the sidewalks
– Scrapping wet poop of the soles of your shoes
– Waking up to the wild mating call of a gazillion ducks every morning.
– Nasty geese that hiss and bite at you if you get near their young ones.
– Dirty old geezer who surfs porn beside you in the business centre.

Still, I wouldn’t trade the lovely spring weather for the humidity and tropical heat back home.

*Deep breath*

Ahhh.. . poop.


4 thoughts on “Home… for a while

  1. It looks lovely from a distance. And no, I don’t want a close-up of the poop thanks. haha!

  2. You don’t have to. If you put your face close enough to the monitor and squint at the sidewalk, you’ll see the bits of algae green matter on it. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination .

  3. Welcome Home. I don’t care what you call it or how much duck mess is on the sidewalk. Home is always good, even if it isn’t home.

    It always depends on the type of porn the dirty old geezer is looking at and what his goal in life is. But usually he ends up at gaymidgets.com None one but the dirty old geezer likes that kind of thing. ha ha

    • He visits the kind that sends fake FBI warnings that infects the computer and demands payment to free the computer. That usually scares him off then I restart the com for the next user.

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