Jon Crawler: Part 3

Jon blinks, barely flinching as the Captain staggers backwards.

He shakes his head clear and looks up, a stunned expression on his face. “How on Earth?” He lunges forward and tries a bear hug, crushing Jon between his muscular arms.

Jon barely feels the wind being squeezed out of him. With a wry smile, he forces his arms open, breaking the Captain’s grasp. In his head, he begins to understand what has happening here.

“Impossible!” The captain takes a step back and launches a spinning right hook, the same hand that had floored the Mantis and killed Siren only a moment earlier. Using his claw, Jon catches the fist in midair and twists it, sending the proud hero on his knees. The Captain cries in pain. Cameras click and film away. A horrified public watches in silence. No one knows what to do.

Jon launches a bevy of kicks and punches on the helpless Captain. Loss in the heat of battle, he sees nothing, only the face of the man who just killed five of his friends. Five people who will no longer be able to go home and see their families and children, all for a chance to be normal.

“Come on Captain! Someone screams from the crowd, “For justice!” Others break out of their stupor and join him, willing their beloved hero to fight.

The captain looks up at Jon and shouts a battle cry, forcing himself to stand against the pain and throws himself at Jon.

The cameras roll on.

“What did you do to me…”

Jon panics. The Captain goes into a frenzy, clawing and biting at Jon. He is so weak now, that Jon barely feels his feeble attempts. He tries to throw him off, but the Captain hangs on.

“Move in now! The Captain needs our help!”

Across the street, Jon can see the maniacal crowd fighting against the police, trying to force their way towards him. Jon blurts. “It’s not me! It’s the serum! The serum from the lab, it works! He head butts the Captain, knocking him senseless. All he wants to do is to get away now. He shoves hard, and the Captain flies through the air, like a rag in the wind. He feels so light.

Jon staggers to his feet. Looking down, he can see what is happening to the Captain. Slowly but surely, whatever it is inside that serum is eating him from the inside. The Captain writhes on the ground, slowly withering away. He seems to age years in a matter of seconds.

“Captain?” Jon asks, uncertain of what to do.

The Captain breaks into spasms. He lurches his head upwards to gasp for air, staring with wide unblinking eyes at Jon. His hair turns white before falling off, while his face wrinkles like a prune. He reaches out for him, but Jon moves back. With a final wrenching groan, the skeletal form that was once the Captain collapses back on the ground and stops moving.

Jon looks up, standing over the still body of The Captain.

“Keep the camera’s rolling! Ladies and Gentlemen… the unthinkable has happened. The Captain is down. I repeat, the Captain is down!”

Jon stares at his hands and down at the Captain. “No, I didn’t do this. It’s the serum!” He screams to the camera.

The reporter names Lynna Banks ignores his protests and continues. “…history in the making. This villain is the first known man to ever defeat and kill the Captain…”

Across the street, chaos breaks out as the stunned crowd howls in rage. “Oh my god… the Captain is dead! The Crawler killed him!”

Jon looks up at them. “No, I didn’t mean to. He threw himself at me, I just wanted the serum for myself!”

A large squad of armed men suddenly appears on the other side the building, carrying assault rifles. A man walks behind them, his face hidden by a pair of sunglasses. His voice booms over a megaphone, “Engage with extreme caution. Weapons are now free, engage, engage!”

Shots are fired. Jon goes to ground as automatic rounds pepper the rubble around him, showering him in dust and debris. “I didn’t mean to kill him dammnit!” He screams, crawling behind cover.

The lady reporter and her camera crew brave the barrage of bullets flying overhead and make their way over to Jon. “Crawler! How does it feel to be the first villain to take down a member of the Super League?”

Crawler looks at her, then turns his head to the camera. “I keep telling you it wasn’t me, it was the serum!”

“What serum?” The lady asks, crawling on the ground now but pointing the microphone at him.

“The thing we stole from…”

“Lady move!”

More shots ring out around Jon. He feels the wind from the bullets whizzing by. In front of him, one of the men moves in close enough to toss a grenade.

“Shit!” Jon kneels on the ground and starts to dig.

“Wait, Crawler! Do you have anything to say to…?”

The ground above Jon explodes in a brilliant flash of white.


End Part 3


– The traffic in San Francisco is the ABSOLUTE worst I have seen in my life. It’s amazing how close people live to the perpetually jammed highways.

– The people here are amazing though. Makes you think twice about what you should aspire for in life. Is money everything? I’m talking to you Asians here, if there are any.

– Going to a South Bay club tonight. Sexy boogie time!




2 thoughts on “Jon Crawler: Part 3

  1. I enjoyed the Jon Crawler series so far. Nice job. Keep up the good job.

    I really appreciate the notes at the end. I agree that In and Out Burger is horrible, but the ethnic food in SF is wonderful. One of my favorite cities in the US.

    Hope you had fun at the clubs.

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