Stats Don’t Lie

Personal Update
In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t made a blog post in a while. And that’s gonna continue for a while. Reason is simple. Shit happens IRL and I’m gonna be stuck in California for at least 3 more weeks.I have written a ton in the past few weeks, but I’m contemplating what to do with them now.

Blog Rant
Attached above are the stats for my blog. As expected, my latest non-story update, the Game Of Thrones poster is charging up to become one of my most read posts, despite it being just a prequel to the actual post I wanted to write. It’s nice since I put in a bit of effort into that Jpeg, but it’s also sad because I knew it would succeed to a certain degree, given my own search patterns on Google.

I set out to make a story-oriented blog, but I guess it ain’t exactly panning out the way I want it. Views are stable this month, WAY up from April, like 30%, despite me writing less than a handful of posts. And the top articles read this month are stuff I’ve written quite a while back. All in all, this is gonna be my second best month in terms of views.

States Don’t Lie
If I am smart enough, I would have titled this post something like “WordPress SEO statistics”. If you still don’t get the idea why, then just understand that blog title actually matters when it comes to search results. Heck, even”Wordpess SEO” with the spelling error is going to nab me more views than this actual title. That’s the way Google works.

My only story in the top list has only 33 views, and that happened only because of the conversation a few of us were having in the comments section. The rest of them were lucky to get even 10, regardless of number of likes or what-nots.

I’m still conflicted about the blog direction I want to take, since it’s apparent that the Internet is a gamed system based on user input (search) instead of content. Sure, there are solid gimmicks out there that bloggers have succeeded with, and I’m tempted to try a few of them, but then again, is that what I want?

Crystal ball gazing
This blog will live on, getting a steady number of views, based on just the handful of posts that are garnering search results now. Five posts…. that’s all. Five posts that account for 80% of all views. And one lost that accounts for 30%. And in case I haven’t made it clear, the game of thrones post was a thinly veiled attempt to get views, mainly via google images. I expect it to catch up with the Jellyfish one, once I make a few more posters or variations.

What to expect going forward:
Photo Prompts / Essays with comments or short stories on recent HOT media. I’m gonna take a cue from power short dailies for this (darn, trying to link via the iPad app is tedious).
Writing Guides / Author Features which are share worthy. Most of my views from the Ang Lee post, or Lee Child, were because they were re-blogged or shared.
New Blog for Marketing / Follower-baiting purposes and this one for personal updates. Kinda too much work though, but it’s my fault for always writing long ranting posts. 200 word posts work just as well as 1000 word ones.

What not to expect
Stories / Short Stories Just no market for random stuff, probably if I have a solid continuous story, but that’s not what I want.
Rants Like this. Shucks.. my fave

But I’m still twiddling my thumbs just writing my stories for now. Until I get back in front of my workstation, things might change. Keep up the good fight my non-SEO caring friends. And for the SEO-scum, I’m contemplating joining the dark side now.

And with that, I bid you adieu. Though attaching a random meme here will net me a couple of extra views.


11 thoughts on “Stats Don’t Lie

  1. I do so love a rant!
    Stats are crazy. I’ve given up trying to care about them.
    Sorry IRL isn’t going as you’d like – meanwhile, I’ll be here in the blogosphere 😉

  2. I missed you! Thanks for stopping back in with a rant for us. 🙂

  3. I debated with myself what my direction/purpose has been and what it will be. My decision was to disregard the stats. My goal is to be honest with my friends, family and future readers. This blog is a work in progress, I work constantly on my voice, and craft. Along the way I have met some wonderful friends, like you. It is wonderful to know there are people like you out there in the world.

    As far as stats go, I do like to see the views and follower numbers rise. But I have found that for every ten views, I get one follower. For every ten followers, I get one friend. I am glad that you and I are friends. Best wishes in everything!

    • You have a much stronger theme going oo in your blog, which is a direction I’m contemplating going. Then converting my blog into a single scrolling experience. My current layout is based on the mish mash of content I have.

      How’s the story going?

      • Thank you for the thought. I am not sure that I have a strong theme. If anything I try to be consistent and to be true to my core beliefs. I feel that I am just starting to figure out the purpose of my blog.

        I like that you are re-evaluating your blog and making it work for you and your ultimate purpose. I think that is important, and something that I have been considering. I took a small step in that direction a few weeks ago by adding some categories to help sort the posts. I don’t think I could have done that before I had a large sample of posts which to sort.

        I can’t wait until you re-invent your site. I really admire the work that you have done and look forward to what you do in the future.

        The story is falling into place. I am very happy with the direction it is going. Thanks for asking.

  4. To echo other thoughts, stats shmats. I, too, wrestle with the direction of my site: if I post more movie reviews, its no longer about making art; same if I post too much comic book chatter; my hockey banter doesn’t fit ANYWHERE! But then I realize, WHO CARES? I’m certainly not doing any of it for money. A non-format format works fine me, and probably would for you, too, once youget out of your own head and don’t worry about numbers.

  5. Despite not making a single post in June, this is turning out to be my best month for views ever. Again, the top two posts are driving 80% of all traffic, day in and day out.

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