After The Accident: Part 3

After The Accident: Part 3

It was still raining when Eric woke up. Outside, he could still hear thunder booming in the sky. Propping himself up on the bed, he winced as a throbbing pain shot through his forehead. Blood roared behind his ears as he shook his head to clear his vision.

Ripping the catheter out of his forearm, he staggered to his feet and tried to walk. Immediately, he felt his vision swirling from the effort as he fell back onto the bed. His bearings were lost in the tumultuous storm going on inside his head, and he found it hard to remain balanced. Unable to walk, he put his hands to the cold hard floor and slowly dragged himself off the white cotton bed.

“Sir, what are you doing…Sir!”

Damn them, damn them all to hell Eric thought through the sedated dullness of his mind. He was in no mood to deal with anymore of this nonsense. All he wanted was see his wife, and he wanted to see her now. Strong hands grabbed Eric by his arms and pulled him to his feet. He stumbled, but the hands kept him up. A plastic cup was raised to his mouth, forcing liquid into his mouth. He struggled fiercely against it, refusing to be sedated again.

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After The Accident: Part 2

After The Accident: Part 2

Elly Pearson was wide awake when she heard the shrill of sirens approaching in the distance. Lying on her bed, surrounded by the drone of medical machines, she raised her head as the piercing wail came ever closer. Looking out her third storey window on Mission Hospital, she caught a glimpse of the blinking lights as they flashed by, casting an ominous red glow through her darkened room.

Pushing herself up from the crumpled sheets, she gingerly shuffled her fragile frame until she stood in front of the window. There, in her shapeless hospital gown, she looked on in fascination as two ambulances turned into the hospital, accelerating past the bend in the road before disappearing under the sheltered driveway below.

Out of view, she could hear the ambulances screeching to a halt. A rush of footsteps followed as she imagined the emergency staff scrambling through the doors to assist the exhausted medics. The backs of the ambulances were flung open as stretchers were guided off their supports. Their wheels clattered against the pavement before they were pushed into the bright lights of the emergency room.

All the while, there was a chaotic gaggle of voices directing the action below.

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After The Accident

After The Accident

Eric shivered as he woke up. Through heavy eyes, he heard the echo of raindrops falling against the roof and the rumbling of thunder overhead. Reaching down instinctively with his hands, he groped blindly for a blanket that should have been there on his bed. Instead, he felt only the wetness on the dimpled leather of his seat. Remembering where he was now, he opened his eyes and looked through the shattered windscreen.

The dim headlights of the truck and the lightning flashing overhead illuminated the wreck in the rain. From where he sat, Eric could see the full extent of the damage. The bonnet of the Cadillac has been smashed, twisted and crushed under the bumper of the opposing truck. It was close enough that he could reach out and touch the license plate. Inside what remains of the car, the dashboard had been knocked out of place, hanging at an angle diagonal to the seat. The entire front compartment had buckled in as well, pinning his legs to the ground.

“Kyla?” Eric whispered, hearing his own voice crack. The effort needed to utter a single word caused him to sputter and wheeze. He could still smell that damn whiskey on his breath. He remembered everything now, the partying, the drinking, getting drunk. Marie had been the more sober one that night, so she drove them home.

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