The Cosmic Dancers

Ragamala Warli Bock Image 1

In ancient Indian mythology, lord Indra, the king of the Heavens had two beautiful female court dancers named Rambha and Oorvashi. They were the best dancers and the most beautiful among the seven heavens he was ruling.

Indra had 1000 wives and one day one of his wives asked him “Who was a better dancer ? Ramba or Oorvashi ? Indra could not answer since both were amazing dancers who studied under the same teacher and were best in their class. When they danced, they danced in unison and no one can see even a small move separate one from another. No one had ever thought of this question as both entertained the gods and goddessess of heaven together.

Sage Narada used to be very wise person who used to travel around heavens and advised kings in the heavens. Indra could confide in him and so he asked Narada whom did he thought was a better dancer. Narada suggested Indra to have a competition to decide. So, a big competition was arranged where all the 300million gods and goddessess in heaven were invited to be part of the celestial extravaganza.

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